Dark Is Beautiful Campaign


A fair mum and a not so fair dad equals a not so fair me. OMG so not cool according to the Indian standards. I know this is not what everyone thinks but definitely a “fair” share of people in India think this way and you know it.

This video reminded me of an incident. When I was a child someone told me if I’d have apples everyday I’d get a fair complexion and red cheeks. Needless to say at the age of 5 all I understood was I needed to be fair to fit in. I tried. I really did. An apple a day did manage keeping the doctor away but it really did nothing for my complexion πŸ˜› Atleast I have a thick skin now that doesn’t let things like this get to my head anymore.

I have always had people around me say things like “Oh, You didn’t get your Mum’s color” or “Why don’t you apply the creams or do something at home to improve your complexion”. The best thing that was repeatedly said was “You won’t get a good Indian boy” haha (Sorry Aunty Ji’s I already did).

The countless ads on TV, Bharat Matrimony and in Newspapers that say “Fair, Good Looking girl wanted” reminds you every day that OMG your color. Eh, still not happening.

Anyways, I’m not here to complain or put anyone down. Like my MIL and Mum say it doesn’t matter what your color is. What matters is the inner beauty. What matters is how hard you work, Β how smart you can be or how compassionate you are.

Fair or dark. Why does it have to matter?

In all this confusion about color and people constantly mocking, I wonder how many teenagers and young adults really manage getting out without being stained by these remarks. Teenagers and women with self esteem and body image issues?

So, lets look around cause there are so many people that need some pickin’ up today. People who are still trying to hide behind closed doors not wanting to show their beautiful selves.

Lets educate more people and spread the word. Get over being obsessed about skin tones and work towards something bigger in life may be?

Color has nothing to do with class.

There needs to be a change and this is where it begins πŸ™‚

Much Love,

A Not-so-fair Indian girl tired of this Fair vs Dark drama already πŸ™‚







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  1. Seriously. It is ridiculous. We know fairness creams don’t work. And are humiliating. Still, advertisements are all over the place. Blatantly, shamelessly telling people that women succeed once they become fair. Have they ever looked at Lisa Haydon carefully? Gorgeous lady, man!

  2. When i was in school i was told by this one girl that I’m dark and i have no chances of getting a gf. Hmmm… Well i have had my “fair” share of gfs and now I’m with this beautiful lady who loves me not only because i have a good heart because I’m dark too! I’m proud of my colour and wouldn’t feel comfortable in any other skin. πŸ™‚
    Have you people noticed how Indian customers are enticed by being shown foreign models? And every mall you go only fair models! Why? We’re brown! Shouldn’t there be brown models all around! @NS Lisa is gorgeous agreed.

  3. Hey! Enjoyed reading this. Nice to see at least some of us not-so fair ones speaking up about this. When I was a child, I too believed that since I’m not fair, I can never be called beautiful. I cant remember exactly how that thinking got into my head, I guess it happens naturally when you’re brought up in the Indian society. But now I am able to see the beauty of dark/medium skin tones. Doesn’t matter what the rest of the society thinks, but as long as the not-so-fair ones manage to be happy with their skin, its all good.

  4. Very well written and so true for our indian society fascinated with fair color. it’s high time that people should raise their voice against the biased nature towards fair color. The fair doesn’t mean it will lovely!!!

  5. Rightly said. I have grown up hearing this nonsense all around me, older women wrinkling their brows and saying that so-and-so is ‘dark’ as if that’s the end of the world as far as they are concerned. As for the ads, I can’t believe we as a society can actually sit through them.

  6. new to commenting on blogs, but just want to say I think darker skin is more beautiful. I am fair skinned and have always hated it, always tried to get a tan. I think darker skin looks healthier, so first time I read about anyone thinking fair skinned people were somehow better or something…..not true at all as far as I am concerned. I much rather have the darker skin and it ages much better too, usually showing much fewer wrinkles than fair skinned people. Feel free to visit my blog. I create handmade jewelry.

  7. This is another of those useless time pass obsession people have. How not to live, but torment others is our soceity’s timepass.

    I am 65 now, the other day when I ran into an old dark male colleague of mine, first thing he asked me is why have I become dark!. I gave him one dirty look.

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