One Step Closer :)

Sometime last month I had signed up to attend a Fashion show. Not that I did expect an invitation for it but when I didn't receive an email I assumed they found better blogs/bloggers for the show. On Friday at 5 in the evening I get a call from an unknown number and a lady... Continue Reading →

The girl with the game face.

Ugh, it was easier being a child. Screaming, making faces and throwing a tantrum every time you didn't like something. With age we've said goodbye to letting whats on our mind come out and learnt how to have a game face on. But there has been one such thing that I've been trying to be... Continue Reading →

Annd I’m baack :)

Another disappearing act from the blog but whats nice is that it is probably the only place I can keep going away from and it still welcomes me with open pages that lets me talk about every crazy thing that crosses my mind.I always feel guilty when my hibernation mode takes over the writing phases... Continue Reading →

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