The girl with the game face.

Doodle by me :)
Doodle by me 🙂

Ugh, it was easier being a child. Screaming, making faces and throwing a tantrum every time you didn’t like something. With age we’ve said goodbye to letting whats on our mind come out and learnt how to have a game face on. But there has been one such thing that I’ve been trying to be okay with and pretend like it didn’t affect me. Today, I chose to just say how I feel about things and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.

I’m not sure if I should feel proud for saying what I think and stick to how I feel or if I should have been nice and just let it go. Strange that I don’t feel happy about confronting.

What would you do if someone constantly pisses you off?



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  1. When someone constantly upsets me, I try to look at why they’re doing it. Is he/she insulting me? Then he/she probably has a low opinion of his/herself. There’s always a motivation behind a word or action. Once you know what it is, it takes the power away from it. It turns it into more of a child’s temper tantrum. You can’t really be angry at a little kid. I would just try to limit my interaction with them, and be kind when I do see them. I hope that makes sense. (-:

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