One Step Closer :)

Sometime last month I had signed up to attend a Fashion show. Not that I did expect an invitation for it but when I didn’t receive an email I assumed they found better blogs/bloggers for the show.

On Friday at 5 in the evening I get a call from an unknown number and a lady on the other end asks me if I’m attending the event. *Panic mode*.

I have been in Hibernation Mode for a while now. Also, since I wasn’t expecting the call I was walking around with super oily hair, overgrown brows and my face resembled a character from Strain. It wasn’t even funny.


Most days, the fact that I can’t find a dress in time or that I don’t look ready for an event would mean immediately saying No or saying Yes and then hiding under covers till days have passed. But, this had to be different 😛

I have been pestering everyone around me saying I want to attend a fashion show and getting an opportunity this huge was unbelievable so I didn’t care if I got there in slippers. I just had to be there.

The rains in Tampa and the traffic couldn’t have been worse but atleast it gave me enough time to look presentable.

At first it was awkward not knowing who to talk to and not knowing anyone but weirdly after a while it felt like that is where I was supposed to be. I could get used to this. Used to meeting people who shared the insane love for clothes and accessories. With whom it wouldn’t be so weird if I probably wore my black dress with leggings that weren’t even supposed to be there 😀

The best part of the night was RG attending this event with me and staying around just so that I’d be comfortable. He then surprised me with Designer Jewelry pieces displayed at the Show 😀 It was all so special.

I just can’t put into words how happy I was by the end of it 🙂

What I wore:

Clutch- Gift, Bracelet - Tiffany & Co
Clutch- Gift, Bracelet – Tiffany & Co
Shoes – Aldo

Pictures and event details coming up in my next post. My blog has been a journey of all things crazy, upsetting, happy and insane that have happened in life and this is one huge milestone in life that I just had to talk about.

Thank You Fashion Movement and the Haute Accessories Week that was organised.



6 thoughts on “One Step Closer :)

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  1. So glad you could make it and my assistant reached you in time. Looking forward to your review of the show.

    Still not sure why you didn’t get the initial reply back on your invite to attend as a blogger, but let’s make sure you don’t miss any future invites we may send to you.

    Email me at events (@) and ensure we are on your email provider’s safe list so we can have you added to our bloggers’ list. A big bloggers event is on the horizon and you don’t want to miss it!

    Make it a fashionably fab remainder of the week!

    Ebony Grimsley
    Above Promotions Company

    1. Hahah 🙂 Ebony I hope your not thinking I’m complaining on my blog 😀 I am just so grateful for this opportunity.
      Also, I’m working on the post right now. WIll be up soon and I shall send you an email too 😀

      Thank you so much.

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