How to decide?

While Aslam, my friend packs his bags to leave to Dubai in search of a lot of things I sit here with the Entrepreneur Magazine. It wasn’t too long ago when Aslam, Shaheer and me sat talking about how we’d make it on a magazine someday. Its so good to see them working so hard to chase their dreams. They’ve taken risks that I wouldn’t ever be able to. So proud of my friends.

Today I begin my first HR class. Its a very short course and I know it’ll be over even before I know it but I’m hopeful. I’m nervous cause I’ll probably be the only housewife with a bunch of serious professionals but I feel like this experience will change a lot of things. Still not sure what it’ll do though hahah. If nothing I’ll atleast learn something new? 😀

Is it too late to say I don’t know where I want to be? 😛 How do you know if what your doing now is what your meant to be doing? 🙂

4 thoughts on “How to decide?

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  1. Being a human, our choices in life keep changing very frequently.. We sometimes want to be this, want to be that and end up being no where..
    When you are doing only one thing, will full will power and dedication from a long time; this is probably what you are meant to be doing!!!!

  2. Hey Adi! So good to have you around. In my case I have done a lot of experiments in career. So I continued with the work that I enjoyed the most. Because when you enjoy your work (whatever it is), you give your best and that’s how money and fame follows.

  3. Hey AD I am also studying and some days I feel so weird being a mum and studying and I ask myself ten thousand times a day if I am doing the right thing and the only conclusion I have is I love my field and my studies will definitely give me an edge. So just hang in there and keep doing more of what you love and rest will follow. I will shut my gyaan now 😛

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