Balcony comes to life.

When R.G and I first moved to this apartment I spent a lot of mornings just sitting in the balcony. All it had were two chairs and nothing else. With time I’ve gotten into the habit of complaining and saying this place looks like a hotel since its all so black n brown (not that I don’t like hotels). 

Anyways, couple of days back we had my relatives come over to visit. It’s the first time I have anyone from my family here. In the excitement to make this place look like I’ve put in some work I ran to Lowes to get plants.

.I have absolutely no idea how to take care of any of them but now that I have them here and it feels so good to be taking care of something. I haven’t spent time in the balcony in a while but this makes me want to 😀 So happy that all I needed was so some external motivation to bring in some life to the house.



Absolutely love it but as it’s been getting hot in Florida the plants although did great for few days, now look lifeless. I’d love to hear quick tips on how to look after plants during summer or just tips in general on taking care of plants since this is the first time I’ve brought home plants.

Beginner mode you see.

Also, Happy Weekend.

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “Balcony comes to life.

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  1. good effort and i hope you can spend a lot of time with plants and it will give you good results…. but would suggest not to use your husband’s shirt as background for taking pics..:P

  2. I love this little strawberry! So cute. A good tip to care for potted plants, especially in a hot climate is to water water water (obviously), but some people underestimate the power of the sun, especially with potted plants. The smaller amount of soil you have, the faster it’s going to dry out. Another tip I would use is to throw a good layer of wood chips on top of the soil to protect the soil from the sun beaming directly on it. Wood chips also retain moisture longer than soil and provide wonderful nutrients as they decompose.

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