Pehchan Kya? 

Since I can’t bring myself to write I’m just going to post pictures. All I’ve been doing is coming online, reading blogs, liking them, trying to write a few words and dissappearing. So I thought I might as well post pictures  since I’ve anyways been active on Instagram 😄

Hoping you’ll are having a more productive week than I am 😄

Do give me your thoughts on the picture 😃



6 thoughts on “Pehchan Kya? 

Add yours

  1. Hi Aditi! Looks like your week is more productive than mine 😉 Well regarding the title… I guess it’s the inside shot of a plastic mineral water bottle. If it’s true then the picture is amazingly taken and if it’s not then you have a great eye to capture daily neglected things.

  2. It’s beautuful, I was about to ask what it was then I saw. That’s how I started with photos on my blog. Words just left me. Then I started using the photos as inspiration and poetry came:)

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