I need a pick me up!!

San Francisco – Sausalito


Have you read my last post? Have you? No seriously? What was I thinking when I said I wanted to eat out. Is this what they call “first world problems”? I said I wanted to eat out and this weekend we were so busy that all we did was eat out. Infact I haven’t cooked all of last week because I’ve just been up to so many different things (I made a new friend and she is AWESOME).

Coming back to the point, so we ate out a lot. Now I’m sick and feel extremely tired after doing that and I’m just typing away in anger while I sip on bottles of water and tell myself that I shouldn’t do this again.

RG has managed staying away from sugar while I still sneak in a few spoons of sugar in my coffee or tea through the day which I think is okay as long as I manage to cook and eat good food at home. Anyways, whats nice is that my parents are finally coming to visit all the way from Brunei 😀 It is going to be a very long journey for them and they’re here for just ten days but I’m still just happy they’ll be here. I can go back to being a kid and not have to be the adult for a while (not that I do that very often).

I am mentally so active right now. I have thousand things that I want to do this minute but physically I am just so tired.

Any tips for quick physical recovery? 😀

Ps:  yay I’ve written an actual post after so long. I went back on twitter too yesterday and its been forever since I’ve posted anything. Ah, social media taking over my life. RG will be so happy when I finally delete all the apps and just enjoy my time. May be I will. I don’t know.

For now, I hope you’ll have an amazing Monday and a productive week ahead. Lets just hope I get back to my #girlboss mode (I’ve just been waiting to do the hashtag thing for a while. IGNORE).

Much Love,



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