Bad marketing team. 

Not a rant. May be it is. May be im just tired after a hectic week and want to complain about things that don’t matter. 

I need furniture. I need a dining table, a bed and a hundred different things. Here I am, trying to set up my new house and browsing through countless websites looking to buy furniture when I find this beautiful media center being sold for an amazing price at a big store closeby. Quickly dragging the husband I went over to the store only to be disappointed by how different the media center looked in real when compared to the picture posted on their website. 

I’d love to mention the name of the store but ah I guess they were just doing their job. Making sure the customer comes in to take a look at their products. I don’t know. Sad. So I come home having spent my time pointlessly walking through the store in hopes of finding a good tv stand/ media center. 

That’s how I spent my weekend. Thinking about marketing teams 😄 can’t believe I once worked for a marketing firm. 

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