It is a Berry good Tuesday!!



The last time I took pictures with the camera was back in February when we had guests visiting who asked me if I could take some pictures for them and then the poor camera just sat there on the Entertainment center waiting, just waiting to be held :/ 😛 (Too much?  Dramatic enough for you to keep reading? :P)

I must have taken 4 pictures today before the blueberries went straight to my mouth. Anyways, this is my humble attempt at food styling. Where is the style you ask? Good question. I am still looking for it. *googly eyes* I know the focus is off and I’ve also used a tiny bit of editing to make the image pop but I want to be able to take a picture without all that help.

What I lack is patience. Patience to take the extra time out to style food or even plate it properly. I cook most days and do not ever think of presenting it well.  Most times I am so lazy that the pans that I have cooked in go straight to the dining table and then to the fridge. I remember them when I have to cook next and tell myself I am going to start using the 101 dishes that I have to stock the food in the fridge so I have pans whenever I want them. I may have diverted from the topic a little but you get the point. So food styling I don’t do but I love looking at pictures where it is all styled though and would love to effortlessly make my pictures look good too but I do understand that it is not as easy as it looks. Practice I guess?

How do people resist the urge when they are taking pictures of the most amazing food? I’ve been stalking people on Instagram and some of the pictures make me wish there was a way to somehow transport myself through the picture to the actual location and fall in to the food world. Is there a robot that can cook and make things look beautiful?

Today has been Berry good btw. I shopped for jeans and now I’m listening to really old Telugu and Tamil songs. Thiruda thiruda anyone? 😀 haha Tripping on Chandralekhaaaaa tonight!!

Goodnight and I’ll see you guys hopefully soon with more pictures here.




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