Style rut 

Is that even a thing? I know it is. I’ve googled it. 😀 whatever it is feels like the story of my life right now. A friend of mine messaged me after a long break and complimented me on the way I used to dress or accessorize or do my hair and asked me why I don’t blog fashion anymore and I look at myself wearing this baggy tshirt with worn out jeans and realize what she described was the Aditi she probably met three years ago. A lot has changed. Priorities have changed. Life has changed. Things have changed. Body has changed. I still am the nomad that I always was. I still am the fashion loving person that I was but what changed is the need to post it as much online. I have also reduced the number of times I’ve said I don’t have clothes (except for times when I really need to be getting dressed up for an event) 😛 but this week I feel like I really need to spend some time beautifying myself. Taking the time to skip just the tshirts and jeans and adventure a little into the world of skirts and palazzos. Play with colors and collar necks. I’m thinking white shirts and straight cuts for a while to get stuck in another style rut? 

What are you currently stuck wearing? 😉 do I see a wardrobe staple there? 

Here’s me in a plain old grey tshirt from Gap and jeans from Lucky paired with a jacket from Biba that is supposed to go over a kurtha, a beautiful gift from the MIL and my most worn outfit. Don’t mind being stuck in this one. 

PS. Please ignore the bad quality of the picture. It was taken this weekend late in the night after watching Kabali 😀 


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