Jewelry of the week

Ever since my mum decided to organize my jewelry and sort them according to type for me my life’s become easy and now I feel like I can just take them out and put them back with no headache and that also makes it easy to keep wearing different ones and not pick up the same necklace that has been sitting on my nightstand for months. 

Yes, that’s how sad my jewelry situation has been ever since we moved to the new place. Maybe it was just laziness but whatever it is I haven’t even worn a lot of jewelry since Jan. 

Anyways, I just wanted to share a gift that I got from mum last year but finally got around to wearing it now. This is what I lived in all week and through the weekend 😄 So this post is a shout out to mum for her taste in jewelry, for always picking up things for me and the amazing organization skills. 

8 thoughts on “Jewelry of the week

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  1. Hi. Nice necklace!
    Could you tell me about it? Where and when was it made? Is it silver?
    Are they sold now?
    Thank you!

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