Vishu 2017 and Indian OOTD 

Vishu. The only day I could get to take half day from School. Also Onam 😄 Note how it was only a half day and not full? No fever or excuse was good enough to be absent but the new year and Onam. Ammayis, Ammavans, grandparents, Appachi and Chittappan and their friends and neighbors would all be there. Amma busy entertaining while she continued making her 5 payasams and all the dishes for the Sadhya with all the ladies. Cousins and I running around while dad tried photographing us. New Malayalam movie playing in the background on Asianet or Surya. A whole lot of Kaineettam from everyone who came in. Enough money for the year. The more guests the better but I’d never spend it. It would all go in the piggy bank and only be spent the next year. Driving to Ayyappa temple to get the one rupee Kaineettam there 😃 Thousands of miles away from Family today but in the last four years I’ve managed keeping up the tradition of cooking and dressing up on the day. Calling everyone to wish. Drooling over all the Sadhya talk that happens. Missing Amoomas avial the most. She said the next time I’m back In Kerala she’s going to make sure I get my Kaineettam and also Avial three times a day so we’re good 😃I promise myself no matter where I am this will be one day I try and connect with Family just like old times when Amma dialed every single person from the phone diary and gave me and Achan the phone to wish 🙂


Vishu Kani
Vishu Kani

Also here’s what I wore for the day. The plan was to wear the Kasavu Saree with a printed blouse but all that Sadhya prep just made hungry and wanting to dive right into food. So, I chose to wear something new but something effortlessly chic. Just right for the warm day here in Florida. A cotton Indigo Maxi kurtha/dress that I got from Lulu Celebrate in Kochi this year. Also to match the Indian feel of the fabric I chose to pair it with Ganesha Charms Necklace that I picked up from an online store called Mithrr. The owner Roshni, an amazing lady who was kind enough to keep up with my ever changing schedule and I was so excited to have finally invested in a couple of really ethnic, tribal and bohemian pieces. Don’t think my pictures do justice to these oxidized beauties or the bright and beautiful colors of the dress.

Dress – Lulu celebrate. Jewelry – Mithrr
Dress – Lulu celebrate

Hoping you all have a great year ahead.

Much Love and Strength,



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  1. Hi AD. Came across your profile and read this article. Loved the way you have penned this post. So close to the heart, considering I stay away from family too and get to call them every once in a while during festivals or special occasions.


  2. Ah.. you have very similar childhood memories to mine 🙂 Isn’t it funny how we carry home with us wherever we go? Beautiful outfit and necklace. Belated Vishu aashamsakal and thank you for visiting my little blog 🙂

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