Panera Bread scenes – My Monday Morning.

For the last few days I have been spending a lot more time at Panera Bread than I thought I would. If you know me you know how awkward I am in public and that means getting work done at a cafe/restaurant is just something I cannot do. I have tried Starbucks and a few other places before the husband decided to drop me off at Panera one day just to give it a shot. Surprisingly I got a lot more done than I had in four months and that made my day. I walked around like I had achieved something big in life. Although I’m a shy person when you first meet me one thing you should know about me is I like to sit and people watch. I try to observe everything around me. So, it is Monday and I’m back in Panera and here are some things that have kept my morning interesting so far.
Scene 1 : A lady happily dancing while she waited by the Microwave. What a lovely sight to start off your Monday. Carefree and excited about the week ahead.

Scene 2 : Working Crowd. A lot of professionals dressed in their brightest and best working away. Its a Monday morning afterall. So much to get done for the week ahead. Some interviewing, some discussing strategies with clients and others just busy typing away like I am.

Scene 3 : This “professional” old man sitting in front of me shows me his best smile and asks me if I want an apple from his plate. He had polished off everything else but seemed to have a problem with the apple. I politely declined (Mummy has asked me not to take anything that strangers give you). He gets back to work and then turns back around again and asks me if I’m sure. I say “Yup, Thank you so much. I just had food”. He persisted. Said I could have it later if I wanted. Now the man concerned goes on to talking about how bad apples are. “Apples have so many pesticides. Cancer causing. Don’t know how people have applies”. Now, after this statement he asks me again if I want the apple. RG thinks it was some kind of research to see if I’d accept the apple after the wonderful things he had to say about the benefits of eating the apple? :/ or was it just bad marketing strategy. Either way he was too busy he went around trying to find out if someone else would take the apple from his plate.

Scene 4 : The waiting lady. Nervously fidgeting with the phone. Texting and constantly calling to see if the person on the line would get here.

Scene 5 : The restless man. He has work to do. He has everything laid out on his table but is under some kind of stress so he walks around. Sits. Types. Walks around again. Gets food. Walks some more. Sits. Jots down things and looks around. Writer? Best part is he walks around with his laptop in hand everywhere.

Scene 5 : The put together person. Jhumkas on the ears, a very Indian Kutchi jacket paired with a tshirt dress and sneakers. Hair in braids and eyebrows looking sharp. Oh yes I just totally described myself. It is rare that I take the time out to dress. I think it is the effect of Panera on me. After having worked or stayed at home for so long the first day I decided to work from here meant a formal pant and a polka top with messy hair and eyeliner. However, today I look and feel no less than someone who’s an achiever. I’ve got this. This is some self motivation talk happening so you can totally ignore this. Ready to take on and knock off the 20 things on my list today. Also, did I mention I got my eyebrows done by this very lovely lady at Ulta who managed to do it without hurting my skin.

PS. May be I should do what Naina Redhu does. Start a feature with eyes for street style or eyes for cafe/working style 😀

Okay, now to actually get back to work. Hoping you’ll have a very productive and amazing week ahead.



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