Yoga and how it makes me feel

After seeing a post about how Yoga is a full body, mind and soul workout it reminded me of how much I’ve been struggling with doing it. For someone who very comfortably could go into a lunge and do the warrior pose or the tree pose with ease I could barely keep myself stable through a class of what was “gentle” Yoga. My legs shook. It’s been a little over 10 months since I practiced yoga. I’ve done the occasional surya namaskar or stretches but nothing more than that. I spent the hour in class conscious of how I looked. The mirrors around me weren’t helping me either. I was too busy telling myself to breathe and that everyone else doing the poses around me were in their own world and are probably not looking at my legs shaking, me losing my balance or the sweat dripping off my forehead. While the session was supposed to make me calmer, it was one of the most brutal workouts I’ve done in a while. The spin class or Zumba was nothing in comparison. It tells me how much work I need to do. I can fix things on the outside. it’s a lot harder to fix what goes on in the head but here’s to practicing it more often, breathing deeper and finding focus.

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  1. I really think you’d benefit from just setting up a nice space at home to roll out your yoga mat and relax. That way you’re somewhere you are comfortable without having to worry about anyone else! Whether you just put on some nice music or use a video like I talked about in my post, you can practice for as long as you want. That way there’s no need to push yourself or strain your body. I believe in you! This video might be a good place to start.

    1. Hey 🙂 Thank you for the comment. While you’re absolutely right about how it would be best if I do this at home, I have a 10 month old now so my yoga routine at home is mostly me running behind her. Hehe which is why this one hour where I step out of the house is a form of self care. I also find it hard to get back to being calm so someone else guiding me is definitely helping me. I completely agree with what you’ve said though and it would be just so nice to relax and follow a routine at home. Thanks for the video. Will definitely check it out.

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