Yoga still kicking my butt

The last two weeks I’ve tried a few different kinds of Yoga. Gentle, restorative, vinyasa. While restorative yoga made me feel like I got out of a spa – relaxed, rejuvenated and centered, the vinyasa flow was BRUTAL. I mean that in a good way. I’ve managed to not be as conscious as I was the first time I went back to class but I was drenched in sweat and had shaky legs and arms. While it’s easy getting into a pose for me, staying there and putting all your focus on one point to stay in that pose was challenging and also making me feel good as I did it.

To end the session we were asked to do a shavasana, where you calm down, close your eyes and focus on just the breathing. While I managed to just listen to the music and breathe while closing my eyes for a minute, the remaining 5 minutes were spent wondering and trying to get my mind back to being calm. I feel like I’m a restless person in general but here’s to keeping the practice going, calming down and taking on new challenges in the weeks to come.

Ps. My instructor suggests trying Hatha Yoga as well to see how that makes me feel.

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