Thank You.

I haven't cooked all week. The only thing I did was bake a cake and like everything else that I post here I will be posting a picture of the cake too (only because even after two and a half years it still surprises me that I ┬ácan cook/bake). I pushed myself to go see... Continue Reading →

Where’s the Pause button at?

I spent some time watching videos on Ayurveda last night. Usually I'm thinking ah I don't have this product at home. Forget it. I'm not even trying to do it but this video was different. There was a caller on line asking about remedies for her health and periods and so on and all that... Continue Reading →

I need a pick me up!!

  Have you read my last post? Have you? No seriously? What was I thinking when I said I wanted to eat out. Is this what they call "first world problems"? I said I wanted to eat out and this weekend we were so busy that all we did was eat out. Infact I haven't... Continue Reading →

How to decide?

While Aslam, my friend packs his bags to leave to Dubai in search of a lot of things I sit here with the Entrepreneur Magazine. It wasn't too long ago when Aslam, Shaheer and me sat talking about how we'd make it on a magazine someday. Its so good to see them working so hard... Continue Reading →

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