What’s new? 

A lot of Fitbit meaning a lot of walking. I've managed to finally convince my parents to get on the Fitbit bandwagon too. So cool competing with so many people. A mix of unhealthy and healthy eating. Looking to get to a stage where I can eat crap and still jump around with a lot... Continue Reading →

Bad marketing team. 

Not a rant. May be it is. May be im just tired after a hectic week and want to complain about things that don't matter.  I need furniture. I need a dining table, a bed and a hundred different things. Here I am, trying to set up my new house and browsing through countless websites... Continue Reading →

Back in action 

I haven't had a more productive week in a while. I've been behind people's back to get work done. What fun 😄 making phone calls, getting people to learn new things, staying up at odd hours, having more coffee than I usually do and also getting the house in order and that made going out... Continue Reading →

Post Holiday

I was away for a month. A long long trip to India and back. Energised. Motivated. Getting work done and very happy that things are moving. Sending out good vibes and much energy this morning cause I've been seeing sad status updates of people feeling lazy to get back to work. Shake it off 😛

Food experiments 

I have been eating A LOT of junk food. To make up for all that I decided to try this quick recipe for pav bhaji I found online. Yes, I'm supposed to mash the vegetables and yes I could have taken a better picture but I was way too hungry for any of that 😄 ... Continue Reading →

Good chai and good company

I am getting better an entertaining guests 😀 I haven't had a lot of people visit but slowly that is changing. May be an increase in my energy levels? I am not sure but whatever it is I managed cleaning the whole house. It went from looking like a bachelor pad/college kids hangout place to... Continue Reading →

Social Media break.

Ah, I have been away for such a long time. No facebook updates, not a lot of instagram, barely on Whatsapp. Two weeks of just traveling and I'm back. I can't remember what I did to spend all my time before I went so here I am spending an hour to just workout and enjoy... Continue Reading →

Take me away.

Another Friday. Another little Holiday later I'm back at home looking at pictures and wanting to head back to living life in hotels and eating out 😦 But its the weekend already which is a good thing cause I'm going to be eating out anyways 😀 (note to the husband) So, Happy Weekend 😀 Love,... Continue Reading →

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