Heylooo TESLA!! :)

R.G has been going back and forth about which car to buy for a while now. We have test driven a couple of cars and at the same time we’ve gone to the Tesla showroom a couple of times. After two test drives, several emails, dragging the brother to test drive it too and so many more things that have happened we finally decided to just go ahead.

David in the Tampa’s Tesla showroom has been so patient. The best part is seeing how excited they are about the product when they are selling. R.G I think fell in the love with the car the first time he test drove. I could see that child looking at chocolate wala happiness on his face the first time he drove it hehe (he will kill me reading this).


The drive was great but then there were so many things that we had to keep in mind. We love road trips and long drives which meant we had to think about safety, comfort, mileage and what not. It is an electric car and I wasn’t sure at first if with our lifestyle that would be suitable considering I’d like to just wake up and randomly say I want to go some place hehe 🙂 But R.G loved it and I just went for it and after a day I’m in love too.

To my surprise we actually got the delivery of the car a week earlier than the said date. I wasn’t even aware that we were getting the car until we got there. We drove down to the showroom for the nth time walked in shabbily as the guy there showed us around. Little did I know that we were actually taking the beauty home 😀 I just stood there not knowing how I was supposed to react. I mean it is a huge deal. Not like we buy cars everyday you know?

20131214_210630 20131214_180948 20131214_153810


It was fun though. Drive back. Loud music. Doing the Lungi Dance and strangers smiling at us. Some bhakti as we went down to the temple to get the Puja done 🙂

Overall 14.12.2013 shall be memorable 😀 😀 😀

Looking forward to tons of long drives and a whole lot of time spent together in the months and years to come 🙂 So many memories to be made in the process. I can’t wait 😀 😀


A.D! 🙂

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