Where’s the Pause button at?

I spent some time watching videos on Ayurveda last night. Usually I’m thinking ah I don’t have this product at home. Forget it. I’m not even trying to do it but this video was different. There was a caller on line asking about remedies for her health and periods and so on and all that the Guru said was “take deep breaths”. He said now your just talking to me and I’m reminding you to do it. So during the day when ever you remember just do it. He didn’t say things that she’d have a hard time finding (I’m not saying all the remedies are hard to follow). It was something we can do but we’re so busy with things that we forget it.

He said ofcourse you need to make changes to get healthy but before any of that all I want you to do along with breathing is to start living in the moment. Not the future, not the past. If your eating a piece of cake and wondering “ah, I’ve to workout or I’m going to gain weight”, it won’t work. You are eating it so why not just enjoy the moment. You go for a walk, your constantly looking at your phone. Planning the next thing to do. Stop doing that for a while. Just look around. Enjoy where you are. Life’s become so stressful that often you forget enjoying things you usually would.

By now your probably thinking Why on earth is this woman writing all this gyaan on her blog suddenly. Lately, I’ve become very addicted to Social Media. I capture almost every thing I see. Sometimes not so interesting like what I ate and where I’m at and so on but what I’m forgetting is to spend time talking to people who are around me. Look at flowers or take care of my plants. Cook and not get angry looking at dishes. It is something that I have to do so why am I getting angry? Also, Forgetting to just walk on the beach and not be thinking about taking a picture to post it online.

I need to keep reminding myself that this time will pass. I am lucky that I have all this time for myself now and I should be doing more to enjoy what I have instead of complaining and worrying about whats next. I know this will take time and I know writing this is not going to make me less addicted to social media but isn’t it taking baby steps and learning things that makes life so cool.

PS. In other news, I’ve joined the gym AGAIN. This time with a friend and I hope she’ll push me or drag me to go every day. I’ve paid for three months so lets see how this goes. Not going to make this a fitness blog but I’d love to hear what you do to keep yourself motivated since I’m one of those people that get easily bored. Two weeks and I’ve usually moved on to doing something new.

Hoping you’ll have a beautiful week.
Peace and Love.

2 thoughts on “Where’s the Pause button at?

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  1. Ah, social media has done that to most of us. I think realization that we are letting the moment pass without enjoying it is one that will keep the addiction in check.

    Good luck with gym! I’ve started a new program too 😛


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