100th POST! yayyy.

100th post #celebration #partayyyyyy #OMG I did it 😛

I never really thought I would stick to blogging for a year and here I am one year later hitting my 100th post 🙂 So happy. If you know me you know I don’t stick to doing something for more than a couple of weeks. New projects and new things to learn all the time and yes I’m fickle minded and have very little concentration level. But I’ve started realizing how blogging has tried to sort of bring all my likes together in one place and I can always look back at all that I’ve been upto and all that I have learnt with time.

Here are some of my instagram pictures of the month.

At the Acropolis 🙂
M&M love 😀
Currently reading: 3rd Volume
Tijuana Flats
Movie night and Papa Johns *drool*
Currently lovin: Anything blue
Mums birthday celebration with Red Velvet cake 🙂
First Ice hockey match I’ve been to 🙂

Happy weekend and thank you for all the support. 😀

Much love ,


14 thoughts on “100th POST! yayyy.

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      1. Hehe it took a looot of dedication. Trust me you don’t want to try this. Firstly, constantly churning out ideas is the worst exercise…other is writing everyday…that is okay…

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