What photography teaches you..

and random facts 😀

What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” – Karl Lagerfeld 

Eye see you!!
Eye see you!!

Philosophy strikes again 😛 so here goes.

1. Photography is a lot like life. There are a lot of compromises– Robert Lawson (our professor) 

[The clouds. the shadows. the weather. the moods 🙂 so much drama]

2. Bond 007– Like seriously the minute you’ve lost your connection with what your going to capture. Its gone. Lost. Strong bonds always equals good pictures. 

3. Whats your story?

 Every time our professor doesn’t understand the image submitted he asks “what were you trying to accomplish in the picture” (in a nice way though). 

  • Art of being able to convey the story through photography
  • Different interpretations
  • Let the subject speak to you. Patience.

4. Niche: Oh well I’m still working on it but I think I’d like to take Potrait images 😀 again goes back to the Bond. Where you find your network signal there you have your connection 😛

4. What you see need not necessarily be what you get 😛 ( thanks to the ten thousand settings and Photoshop)

5. You fall on the ground and still look up to the ceiling – quote by my great friend Muhammed Aslam 😛

6. Your dirty – the insane lengths photographers could go to just to get that perfect shot. On the ground. Flying across fences and what not 😛

7. Makes people like me Gyaani, not knowing the first thing about photography but giving Bhashan (lectures) 😀 😀

8. To be Hungry– To learn. To improve. The fight. The competition. There is always something out there that you still don’t know and still haven’t mastered.

9. Photographers adapt to change better (maybe cause they have to)- we know there are changes in the photo industry every single day. Something like the survival of the fittest.

10. ISO determines your mood 😛 less patience equals high ISO. lets just get it over with 😛 and the joy of falling in love with your camera over and over again ❤ and the anger when people tell you what to photograph.

PS. that is all my brain could come up with for now 😛 I bet there is so much more to this.

Big smiles,


7 thoughts on “What photography teaches you..

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  1. I love your insights and thoughts. For me it’s embracing disappointment. You know how it happens, you take a picture, you think “this is the best picture I’ve ever taken”, you’re delighted. A few days later you go back and it’s really not that good. So you learn, you move one and some time later … “this is the best picture I’ve ever taken”.

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