Laughs :)

An Ode to the strictest man I know.

I’m not sure if he had to be that way because he was our teacher or if it was in his nature. There were days when we’ve seen him make funny sounds and act like a child but that was all to mock someone in his class whereas the other days when we’d dread coming in front of him cause we wouldn’t have finished a homework or reading up on something he had asked us to.

I’ve recently connected with people who were in my tutorial with me and each one of us has some memory connected to that place and most of the memories in some way or the other include me getting in trouble for something I hadn’t done or just the puppy eyes I had cause I thought my parents would feel I’m the worst child πŸ˜› I’m not sure if I was your favorite or if I was there just because it was written in my stars that a couple of years were meant to be for suffering.

It is funny that my friends from my tutorial and I still bond and laugh at how much you’ve been a terror in our lives through years and though I still hate you it was cause of you that I still have these friends and so much has happened during that period that I’m so much stronger in life.

So I guess I should be thanking him.

PS. He did not bully us or anything just that he was a very traditional teacher who thought it was okay to constantly scold and call our parents for the tiniest thing that happened.

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    1. Neither do I. I still am full of hatred for the teacher but its funny that im still friends with everyone from my class and my seniors and we all still bond and laugh over the same things even after so many years πŸ˜€

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