Snap back to Reality :)

Time’s flying is such an understatement right now. I don’t even know what I was upto last week. It is all a blur in my head. Travel happened. Our first Wedding Anniversary happened and just an endless list of routine and not so routine things that I can’t even keep track of. Documentaries that have been very thought provoking making me want to step out of my body or making me want to curl up and just THINK but at the same time this need to know more people here and just wish someone could drag me out and make me a part of their group. Yes, I know I sound like a confused person.

I have never been someone who has stuck to doing one thing for too long. I did think for a period of time that I would never stop blogging and I haven’t but may be it was a break. A break to give myself a feel of how it would be to completely not read blogs or write for a while. Infact now I don’t even feel like I know how to write anymore cause its been too long since I have.

It feels so good to be back to writing. Not just writing but the beginning of new routines that will change soon and that tiny little will power to bring new changes in Life 🙂

After writing and deleting this post for a couple of times I’ve finally decided to just post it anyways. Definitely not one of those Wordless Wednesdays for me 😀

Much Love,




5 thoughts on “Snap back to Reality :)

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  1. Hi Aditi! I too face this situation, I guess… once in every month. But your deep roots will always brings you back on the platform where you belong to. And finally you feel happy and content on that ground. Feeling like back again on own skin. So not to worry about, we will never go out of track from what we love doing. I can say “Welcome back!” Enjoy the ground girl 🙂

  2. hey Adi u are an Amazing person .. i know time change ppl .. but it cant change who we are … so u just hv to decide and relive ur life once more ..this time make it More Awesome and i know u will :] xoxox

    1. Hehe this just reminded me of your page and brand 🙂 I guess I just need to go back and find the “sparkle” 😀 thank you for your comment. Much loveee.

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